Saturday, 23 January 2010

The fundamentals

You can solve most problems associated with a system if you understand the fundamentals of how it works.

A programmer who knows how each line of his code really works, can crack a bug by simply reading over the code he wrote.
A doctor who knows how a wound is formed, can heal it in weeks.
A bowler who knows how reverse swing really works, can produce it at will. (okay he may need some luck too:))

I'm guessing, life, works pretty much the same way; if you are strong on the fundamentals, there probably is no unsolvable problem.


Cris said...

Fundamentally speaking, knowledge may not always come to the rescue. For instance what about a person who is handicapped by birth? Knowing every little thing about the handicap does not bring that what is missing, does it? Or is that not the right way to look at it? Should it be know every little thing about it and make the best use of the knowledge so life can be made much better?

Nithin Rajan said...

@Cris, yes you do make a point. It is probably knowing + having the right tools. Thanks for bringing more clarity to this:)