Friday, 2 October 2009

Is your religion better than others?

Do you think your religion is better than all other religions?
Do you think the truest path to self realization, salvation, is your religion and no other religion?

If your answer to both the above are yes, a couple more simple questions -
(a) Were you born into your religion?
(b) Did you make a conscious choice of religion after considering all alternatives?

If the answer to the above is (a), then what really was the basis for the first contention that your religion is the best? Is it not as childish as a kindergarten kid claiming that his shoes are the best?


Cris said...

Spot on. Good to see a logical way to point to. But I will predict those who really do believe in the first two questions have always shunned thoughts that question their belief. Still its a start.

Nithin Rajan said...

@Cris, good point, though I hope that it is not true about at least a small percent of them

scorpiogenius said...

I was a staunch believer in god, but now I'm turning into an Atheist with every passing day. Still I hope if god existed in some form but...

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

you sound like Russel.
yes, this query should make fanatics sit up and think

Nithin Rajan said...

@Scorpeogenius, in fact I think there could be equal number of arguments in favor and against believing that there is God, but none are logically complete - which is the reason why there are religions, which are nothing but bodies of beliefs (which are not always based on logic). I feel religions are necessary as a spiritual tool, to guide us through situations where logic doesn't help. I for one do believe that there is God, but if questioned, this is a blind belief, which I have chosen over the alternative.

@kochuthresiamma p .j, thanks, that's huge compliment coming from you:) yea wish the fanatics would listen, but by definition, fanatics do not sit up and think:(