Saturday, 17 April 2010

Perception, Visibility, blah and blah

Years back, a colleague remarked during a casual conversation that "it's all about perception management". It didn't somehow seem right then, though I didn't know exactly why. I thought I'll learn to accept it with experience. It didn't happen; now I think I know why I felt it was wrong.

Perception is just a by-product. If you are being perceived wrongly, then

a) There is probably something wrong somewhere else that needs fixing first, perception will automatically happen.

b) The perceiver is wrong. And in this case, there is nothing out of the way you need to do. There is a school of thought that tells you need to go out and manage the perception of the perceiver - to which my answer is - it's nonsense, and it's not worth it.

So, please, do not let people tell you that you need to manage your perception. Fix the real problem, if there is one. If there isn't, just stay put.


Cris said...

Something wrong with the world today, I dont know what it is...
Ok songs apart, dont you think communication or lack of it could very well play a good role in perception?

Nithin Rajan said...

Yea it would. But if the people who matter understand your point without much trouble, then you are an alright communicator and you needn't do anything extraordinary.

Cris said...

People who matter cannot be limited to close circles. In your professional life you meet new people every day and your job may demand that it is important that you communicate with them and they perceive you as intended.

Nithin Rajan said...

Yes I agree, but there is a limit you should decide on how far you'll go to handle your perception. If you end up managing perception for 50% of the time, then there is something wrong somewhere else (either with you or the perceiver) - which needs fixing first.