Saturday, 19 September 2009

The earthquake that didn't quite reach Marappalam

It happened yesterday. I was in the middle of a search through my email archives for a rather old email (which I was certain existed). As is usual during email-archive-searches, I was starting to have doubts whether I was imagining things. That's when there was a sudden jolt from somewhere behind the Bhavani building I'm working in. Just a heavy jolt, as if something really heavy had hit the building. "Did a plane just hit the building? or a meteorite? am I imagining this?", I think to myself.

All of a sudden, there is a flurry of activity, I hear frantic calls being made, some are hurrying to run out before the building fell. Tedy instant messages from a few cubes over and theorizes that it was probably a meteor that fell around 50-60 miles north of Lakshadeep. (We later go upstairs to check the horizon for smoke, but don't find any - so we decide to accept the earthquake theory)

I call home to verify if there indeed was anything they noticed. Nobody picks up the phone, I get worried, was there really a bad earth quake? By this time, I hear that this is being shown as flash news on all the news channels (for once, a real flash news I thought)

I try dad's mobile. After a few rings he picks up. "Hey, did you feel the earth quake?", I ask.
"No, what earth quake? the earth seems fine around here " comes the answer.
"Come on it's there in the news channels now, it was felt in almost all places in Trivandrum".
"Ah, actually I don't think I could have felt it, I'm driving through the Kuravankonam - Marappalam road now", he said.

The picture above was taken last month, when the now famous Marappalam bridge was still under construction; The bridge is done now (phew), but the approach roads practically do not exist on either sides for almost a kilometer each.


Cris said...

And finally comes out the humour element in NR!
Kudos to Tedy's quick thinking! :D

Nithin Rajan said...

I was always very humorous, from childhood days:)

Anildeep said...

better than your barber shop .. oru plate cutting * shaving humour :P

Nithin Rajan said...

poda poda

vids said...
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vids said...

hehe! 'Humor element' reminds me of the "not_mammootty, not_mohanlal, some_actor_unknown" expression u made during dumbsherads!!

btw.. you look like arnold schwarzenegger in the profile pic! :-O

Nithin Rajan said...

arnold kekkanda:)