Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ask! and Ye Shall Learn

Here's a theory: The best way to learn anything complex is to ask the right questions and find their answers. It is not by learning the answers first, without understanding the question (which is of course how me mostly try to learn - we pick up a book and read).
The problem has be comprehended before coming to the solution.
The art of learning then, is in fact the art of finding the right questions to ask.

The most correct question to ask at any point of your learning, is probably always the most fundamental one. You need to search out for yourself and attack the most fundamental aspect of the problem that you do not understand, and find the answer. And then, apply the process recursively. Theoretically by the end of it, you would have found answers to all questions that were there to be asked.

I am not venturing to try and prove this logically (I tried and found it too boring to do:)).


Writings on Sand said...

About asking questions:


The Minking Than said...

Excellent topic. Maybe I should look at making this boring :-). This is one quality that I would love to see in people. I try to tell this to students whenever I get a chance to speak to them. Our educational system, sadly, tries to kill this spirit of questioning during the early days of schooling itself.